Twenty-five years after running twenty-six miles, half of the original team are bravely cycling all or part of the 1,050 mile route in support of LandAid, Dementia UK & other nominated charities.

HomeBlog • Week of 6th May, 2013
Posted on 11th May, 2013

Martha Broadhurst born today at 3.30 as Robin conquered Bettyhill.

Champagne toasts for all, though Stratty still resisting the magic medicine.

Standby for news of the birthday boy tomorrow.

Posted on 11th May, 2013

Welcome from the Tongue Hotel, 65 miles due west of JoG and day 1 in the bag.

We managed to stop for coffee in Thurso after 20 miles and lunch at Strathy - we could not miss out on this as it is the writers nickname! The final 20 miles seemed to be up hill all the way, probably due to a firm head wind.

No accidents, no punctures and only 3 Roly Polys (falling off a stationary bike when clipped in). Several dead deer on the roadside and in sight of the sea most of the way. Dounreay nuclear power station on the coast, what an extraordinary place to generate electricity in a landscape of heather and sheep!

We have realised the length of Scotland as 8 of our 18 days are spent reaching the border !

Tomorrow will be a different day, stiff, sore and a little more streetwise, so an early night!

More tomorrow.

Posted on 10th May, 2013

11 riders plus Geoff and John from Bike Adventures together at the Seaview Hotel, John O'Groats. Not a pretty place, but quite dramatic. The Orkney's in view and Scapa Flow just out of sight - a lot of wartime history so close at hand.

Having tasted Scottish cuisine at the "La Mirage" in Helmsdale we tried to avoid another deep fat experience for supper- not as easy as you may think! The Northern Lights meant that it was daylight at 10.30 and so thoughts turned to a night cap, but thwarted by an outsize Jesse wedged between restaurant and bar. Off to bed with some nervousness before tomorrow's start. Weather beautiful with wind from the east (maybe CJ has divined the change in prevailing wind during May - but don't count on it), Bellbum has seen the forecast and is talking of storms etc.

My bed is covered in kit, mainly lycra, packets of nuts, Pret bars, protein bars and drink additives. Also my new hairbrush, acquired at Gatwick (salon model) which has caused much amusement, particularly to Robin - surely a case of stones and glass houses?

An inventory of ailments at the outset includes endless sore knees, Robins sore heel, Blackers swollen joints, and John Holmes's sore bum- not a good start!

Great to be here at last for the start, but everyone a little apprehensive about what lies ahead --brings back memories of 25 years ago and the marathon for many.

Enough for tonight ,now for dreams of downhill roads and following winds.