Twenty-five years after running twenty-six miles, half of the original team are bravely cycling all or part of the 1,050 mile route in support of LandAid, Dementia UK & other nominated charities.

HomeBlog • Week of 13th May, 2013
Posted on 19th May, 2013

Peter Taylor and Richard Upton enjoy a well earned rest over lunch.

Posted on 19th May, 2013

(Loch Naver where we stopped for lunch today in glorious sunshine..)

IT Pete has sorted my Garmin but I am not sure whether this is a bike adventure or a teddy bears picnic. Young Andrew is quite comforted by a small teddy bear. Called Warwick. I have checked the rest of the ten day crew and no one else appears to have brought a teddy bear. Notwithstanding my huge bag I have no such comfort. I need some comfort this evening in the derriere department after today's 104 miles.

A glorious day in God's country has ended in The Bridge Hotel in Bonnar Bridge on the banks of Dornoch Firth. If I had the energy to comment on Tripadvisor I might mention harshly on the food weaved into my bedroom carpet or the delightful organic mould wallpaper. However that would be churlish. I am sure we are going to sleep like logs, deep marinated in E Coli.

A great day.

Posted on 19th May, 2013

John O'Groats to Bonar Bridge 105 miles

What a day! It was misty and chilly as we posed for photos at the start, but a tail wind raised the spirits and we soon left the Falklands landscape behind us and we were passing stunning beaches, notably the one at Dunnet. Two bizarre sights were Dounreay nuclear power station, and The Forss, Technology Park. A gem of a development, and now we know why the Treacle Tart man dashed back to London, to close an off market purchase for the new industrial initiative launched by Brookfield. Taylor needs all the funds he can muster just now, and the claim of an introductory fee is winging its way to Mr Tuckey.

Mechanically, Richard's Italian Stallion saddle slipped and needed raising ; Peter's chain came off and Ant had a jammed gear lever. Otherwise all well, and Hynard's bike is going beautifully thanks to the attention of RM Cycles.

JLL's Warwick Bear has become a popular member of the team. Upton however claims that it's all a ruse, that Warwick is nothing to do with JLL and he is Hynard's treasured 'cuddly'. Any more of those allegations could lead to solicitors being instructed for defamation of character.

Back to the ride, and the scenery from the single track road alongside Loch Naver was absolutely stunning. The sun came out and has remained all day, 20 degrees, yet snow still on the munro Meow Nan Con.

More sheep and lambs on the road than cars, more foreign cars than UK ones. Signs saying beware of lambs on the road were repeated in German would you believe.

Upton timed one lamb at 17mph over 400m, could be up for Scottish athletic trials.

Seven mile hill added to today's ascents which totalled a mighty 7,000ft.

The rest of the ride was just brilliant, but we were pleased to reach the destination - albeit underwhelmed by the lodgings, especially when told that puddings are off.

We had lined up a massage, and that was a master stroke. Thanks Sue for doing the logistics - we are more grateful than you can imagine.

Ant so enjoyed the scenery, that he lingered awhile and arrived in time for the final massage slot.

All in all a champagne day, the best possible start to our adventure.